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This module is just WOW!! Things can’t get easier than this. Imagine yourself saying in sequence the names of States and Union Territories from 1 to 35 and then backwards from 35 to 1 in the order of their Areas , Population , Literacy rate , Human Development Index , Area under forest.. And the time you require to reach this level is hardly 30 Minutes. .. Surprised… Amazed… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Rivers and their tributaries in sequence from North to South… Important projects on rivers… Ramsar Wetlands… National parks…Mountains… Minerals… Crops…Industries… you just name it & you will find in your mind.

Let’s take an example:

Moment you hear the name ‘Indus’; All tributaries from North to South, important projects, Sanctuaries on their banks will appear in your mind instantly.

Yes even faster than internet search engines…

This module will have following sections:

– Physical Geography Concepts – Indian Physical features – Super Memory Part.

Note: World Geography is not covered in the present module.